Door Jambs

Whether it’s gib-grooved or traditional architrave, we've got the jamb for you….

New Zealand has the world's most sustainable source of Radiata pine, and SPP offers a comprehensive range of re-manufactured finger-jointed jambs.

The following should serve as a guide to our standard pine jambs range; however other profiles and products may be manufactured to order.

SPP Door Jambs … part of every home.

All SPP Pine Mouldings, both pre painted and natural/raw, untreated and H3.1 treated must be stored in a dry environment, protected from moisture, direct sunlight and excessive heat. Store on flat surface 150mm above the ground, supported every meter along the length of the product.

In addition, mouldings, sarking and flooring profiles should be acclimatised to their surrounding environment for at least 48 hours prior to installation.

SPP Pine Mouldings can be nailed, glued or installed using a combination of both nails and adhesives.

Nailing: For 10-12mm thick profiles fix using 40-50mm brads or panel pins. For 18-19mm profiles fix using 60mm brads or panel pins.

Adhesives: Mouldings can be glued using most commercial brands of adhesives.
All joints should be mitre cut and glued during installation. For best results we recommend mouldings are installed using a combination of nailing and gluing.

SPP Pine Mouldings:

  • Fill nail holes and any indentations with an interior filler and lightly sand smooth.
  • Lightly sand and wipe with a damp cloth to remove all dust and grit prior to applying top coatings of paint.
  • Apply one coat of acrylic interior sealer or acrylic interior undercoat, allow to dry and sand smooth as required.

Please note: Wallboard sealer is not recommended on bare timber as it can result in the timber absorbing moisture leading to grain raise, finger joints and other blemishes showing through the topcoats.

  • Apply 2-3 coats of premium water-based enamel lightly sanding after the first coat if required

Note: Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

Water-based sealer or undercoat can react in some cases with the bare timber which can lead to a substandard base for painting.

For painting and staining exterior products please refer to Southern Pine Products Weatherboard systems finishing and painting recommendations.