Southern Pine Products is committed to ensuring sustainable and environmentally responsible materials and processes are used throughout the production and distribution business’s.

The Forests

Southern Pine Products source more than 80% of its timber requirements from FSC® certified forests.


What is it?

FSC® is a worldwide organisation that monitors the world’s forestry and how it is managed. To prevent the further degradation of world forests, FSC® have implemented a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure a total ecological and sociological umbrella is placed over the forest and all downstream processes. FSC® ‘Forest Stewardship Council®’ Certification means SPP procedures, records, processes and practises are constantly audited to ensure a Chain of Custody (CoC) from the forest to the customer is maintained at all times. This gives the customer total assurance that the product they have purchased is grown from responsibly managed forests and from renewable sources.


FSC® has stakeholders which include Green Peace and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). FSC® is not aligned with any timber industry or any Government agency worldwide. It is seen as an independent and credible international environmental monitoring body. A growing number of consumers want assurance that their timber product is from a sustainable resource and will not cause harm to the environment. FSC® provides such assurance.

How do we maintain it?

Strict rules about where we buy logs from and strict procedures on how we store, process and sell our products. FSC® agents also regularly review and audit our procedures.

Saw Milling

Stillwater Lumber
SPP operate a Sawmill and Timber Processing operation situated 15 kilometres northeast of Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island. The site is approximately 13 hectares and is FSC® certified (SGS-CoC-001073). The operation is very focused on producing high quality clear timber components, finger jointed and knotty profiled products and supplies a big percentage of SPP distribution requirements. The sawmill has a headrig saw line for large diameter logs and an Ari saw line for smaller diameter logs (less than 42cm).
The Stillwater operation also incorporates further manufacturing facilities including continuous drying kilns, high speed scanning and defecting, finger jointing and moulder profiling.

Down Stream Manufacturing

SPP manufacturing is based at Hornby, Christchurch. FSC® certified (SGS-CoC-000942). It consists of an MDF moulding factory, a Pine (clear wood) Moulding factory, oil base paint line (one) and vacuum paintline( two). Treatment of mouldings to H3.1 and H3.2 and integrated production lines ensure that a complex range of over 500 SKU’s can be manufactured to a high quality standard, efficiently and cost effectively.

SPP utilise a combination of vacuum and spray line coaters for applying paint to our mouldings, fascia and weatherboards. This technology ensures a high quality finish and even coverage.