Maintenance & Care


It is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure that annual maintenance is carried out. Maintenance should be carried out every 12 months. In some cases this may be required more regularly e.g. sea spray.

Maintenance Checklist

Wash all exterior surfaces using a low pressure wash system to remove dust, dirt and other contaminants.

  •  Do not uses a high pressure washing system e.g. water blaster
  • If the washing does not remove stubborn areas of mold or dirt use a soft brush or broom and an appropriate cleaning agent to remove these deposits. Check with the paint manufacturer and read the directions on the product to apply the cleaning agent.

Once the building is clean and the surfaces have been inspected for damage, wear and tear and paint coating degrade then repairs and must be undertaken immediately.

  • If the paint surface has been damaged, then:
  • Remove all damaged paint, sand back if required
  • Apply a quality oil based primer on any bare timber
  • Once the primer has dried apply 2 top coats of a quality top coat paint.

It is a general rule that timber weatherboard homes should be repainted every 10 years if the initial coating product used was of high quality, delivering a good quality coating finish. In some cases repainting may be required earlier depending on condition and exposure to harsher elements.


BRANZ Good Practice Guide