SPP EXTERIOR PRODUCTS allow you to complement your home’s cladding, in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Produced from renewable Radiata Pine that is FSC certified, SPP EXTERIOR PRODUCTS offer discerning specifiers, builders, and homeowners a range of environmentally responsible and superior quality finishing lines.
SPP weatherboards and components are produced from kiln dried New Zealand Radiata Pine and have been treated to H3.1 standard. Pre-primed weatherboards and components have also been coated with a machine applied alkyd primer in a controlled factory environment.

Building or renovating? Trust you are making the right choice for your next building project with SPP EXTERIOR PRODUCTS.


SPP EXTERIOR PRODUCTS must remain dry at all times prior to installation. SPP EXTERIOR PRODUCTS should be stored indoors on a flat surface off the ground, on bearers at 900mm centres, and at least 150mm of the ground, out of direct sunlight and protected from both rain and ground moisture uptake. If storing outside use a secondary waterproof cover whilst allowing for a good air circulation.

Surface Coatings

The primary reasons for applying surface coatings to weatherboards and components are:-

  • Preventing excessive movement
  • Protection against moisture uptake and surface degradation
  • Appearance

SPP EXTERIOR PRODUCTS are generally LOSP treated to H3.1 standard and require a minimum four coat premium quality paint system to meet building code requirements

Finishing and Painting

  • Painting should take place as soon as possible after installation. If components have been exposed for longer than six weeks, some sanding and re-priming may be required.
  • Check the moisture content before painting. Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) should be at 16% or less. Use a correctly calibrated moisture metre to check.
  • Once installed, remove all loose material such as dirt from the surface. Spot prime any exposed timber with two coats of acrylic primer. Punch nails, putty over and spot prime immediately. Any sealants used should be of a flexible exterior grade and suitable for over cutting with acrylic paint.
  • Once prepared, simply apply two coats of 100% premium acrylic house paint to the manufacturer’s specification, at a rate of 12-14m2 per litre.
  • Once applied the two top coats should have a combined thickness of no less than 50 microns.
  • The onus is on the painter to ensure that the primed surface remains well adhered to the timber substrate and is a suitable base for the subsequent top coats, particularly where the boards have been exposed for longer than six weeks before top coating.
  • Painters should refer to the AS/NZ 2311 guide to painting buildings.
  • We recommend galvanised jolt head nails for fixing SPP components. It is assumed the nails will be punched, puttied over and painted.

Colour Choice

  • Dark colours absorb heat from the sun and may cause excessive movement, distortion and possibly resin bleed. Light colours reflect the suns heat. SPP weatherboards and components must be painted in light colours only with a light reflective value (LRV) of greater than or equal to 45%. Refer paint colour charts for details.
  • Seal all cut ends with two coats of acrylic primer.
  • Timber facings combined with scriber or plugs not only look good but offer additional protection against the weather.

This information is supplied in good faith, and we recommend the installer and painters familiarise themselves with all relevant building and painting codes. Builders using weatherboards should purchase the BRANZ Good Practice Guide for Timber Cladding, a comprehensive detailing and installation guide.
Southern Pine Products Ltd will not be liable for any losses incurred from the failure to adhere to good building and painting practices.
Although every effort has been made to ensure the information provided complies with existing standards and recognised codes of practice, no responsibility is accepted for any errors and omissions nor for any specifications or work based on this information.