EZYSCRIBE pre-cut timber scriber is the most efficient tool to ensure that correct weatherboard cover is achieved every time. With an average window taking approximately 1.5 hours to cut traditional scribers on site, EZYSCRIBE takes just minutes to set up saving you time and money.

Produced from finger-jointed radiata that is H3.1 treated and pre-primed, EZYSCRIBE is precisely routed on a CNC machine to give you accuracy you can rely on during the weatherboard installation process.

Trust you are making the right choice for your next building project with EZYSCRIBE pre-cut timber scriber:

  • Saves Time
  • Accurate
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective

Radiata H3.1 Treated and Pre-Primed Scriber To Suit:

  • 135x19mm Standard Bevelback (103mm cover)
  • 142x19mm Standard Bevelback (110mm cover)
  • 180x19mm Standard Bevelback (148mm cover)
  • 187x19mm Standard Bevelback (155mm cover)
  • 135×16 Linea
  • 150×16 Linea
  • 180×16 Linea

Scriber Sizes 40×10, 40×18
Length: 5.4m