Environmental Considerations


Southern Pine Products is committed to ensuring sustainable and environmentally responsible processes are used throughout it’s production processes.

The Forests

Southern Pine Products source their timber requirements from FSC® certified forests.


What is it?
FSC® is a worldwide organisation that monitors the world’s forestry and how it is managed. To prevent the further degradation of world forests, FSC® have implemented a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure a total ecological and sociological umbrella is placed over the forest and all downstream processes. FSC® ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ Certification basically means, that we can prove through procedures, records etc. that a Chain of Custody (CoC) from the forest to the customer has been maintained and ensures that no mixing of ‘certified’ and ‘non-certified’ lumber has occurred. This gives the customer total assurance, the product they have purchased is grown from responsibly managed forests or renewable sources.

Why do we need it?
FSC® has become a worldwide trend, Europe for example, is FSC® conscious, which possibly means that no wood product can be exported into any European country unless it has a proven FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC). In addition to this it further proves SPP’s commitment to the ongoing preservation of the environment.

How do we maintain it?
Simply by following the instructions at each workstation, clearly identifying certified product, having basic knowledge of FSC® philosophy and how we implement it in our plant.

Saw Milling

Stillwater Lumber
Southern Pine Products are also the owners of a Sawmill and Timber Processing operation situated 15 kilometres northeast of Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island. The site is approximately 13 hectares and is FSC® certified (SGS-CoC-001073). The operation is very focused on producing high quality Fingerjoint Products for its domestic distribution warehouses.

The sawmill itself has a headrig line for large diameter logs and an Ari line for smaller diameter logs (less than 42cm).
The Stillwater operation also incorporates further remanufacturing facilities. On the site we have two continuous Windsor Kilns and a Windsor batch kiln, providing sufficient capacity to kiln dry all of our mill production volumes.
There is also a high speed System TM optimising cut line and two Fingerjointing lines, along with an automated Weinig 22B moulding line which ensures all aspects of producing a high quality Fingerjoint product is controlled on the one site.
The team at Stillwater Lumber has a wealth of timber sawmilling and processing knowledge and takes pride in all the products they manufacture.


The SPP manufacturing unit is made up of a “re-manufacturing” plant that has several work centres comprising of band re-saw facilities, moulding machines and docking line facilities. This operation is capable of producing an extensive range of products, including some special profiles.

SPP utilises a combination of vacuum and spray line coaters for applying paint systems to our mouldings, fascia and weatherboards. This technology ensures a high quality finish and even coverage 100% of the time.

Waste Management

Southern Pine Products Ltd has a strong commitment to waste minimisation in the manufacturing process. All waste streams are actively monitored for continual improvement and waste reduction.
Wood waste is run through an extraction system which produces clean domestic Bio-fuel, while MDF waste dust is processed through a separate line into briquettes to form a bio-fuel for industrial use. This process has seen a reduction of approximately 900 tonnes of waste going into Canterbury landfill each year.